Et tu, HQ2?
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November 1, 2017

Et tu, HQ2?

We are in it to win it

On October 18 a team from across Tacoma and the South Sound announced the completion of their proposal for Amazon’s second headquarters (HQ2).   

The city, county, and community leaders who joined forces to craft the Tacoma/South Sound HQ2 proposal gathered in Tacoma’s historic Pantages Theatre lobby to give the proposal an exuberant send-off prior to being delivered to the Seattle headquarters, a day before the October 19 deadline.

Tacoma Mayor Marilyn Strickland, County Executive Bruce Dammeier, Congressman Derek Kilmer and EDB President Bruce Kendall, organized a group of 50 experts who worked together to ensure Tacoma/South Sound developed a compelling (and winning!) proposal.  They told the Pantages crowd they were confident the proposal will clearly communicate to Amazon that Tacoma/South Sound is the premier location for its second headquarters, which will employ as many as 50,000 new full-time employees.

Per the RFP, the specifics of the proposal are confidential and are only being shared with Amazon, the client.

Nonetheless, each of the leaders expressed certainty that the proposal meets or exceeds Amazon’s requirements for HQ2.  These include: excellent sites and building options; competitive capital and operating costs; incentives; local, regional and global labor force; logistics, including commute times and air travel; an expeditious timetable for construction and occupancy; cultural and community fit; and quality of life.

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