Compete Every Day Forever: The 2016-2020 Economic Development Board work plan

The Economic Development Board for Tacoma-Pierce County is funded and guided by leaders from the private and public sectors – our investors. Currently, more than 91 investors have committed the resources that enable the EDB to deliver cutting edge services to primary businesses looking to create jobs in Tacoma-Pierce County, Washington State, USA.

Our bottom line is facilitating primary jobs and wealth creation – and that is precisely where our investors’ money goes.

As a private not-for-profit corporation, the EDB bridges the gap between business and government that is often critical to large (and small) scale economic development projects. We have the expertise, connections and the tools to get the job done.

Please join us by investing in this exciting undertaking by calling Bruce Kendall at 253.383.4726 or emailing


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Compete Every Day Forever: 2016-2020 EDB Work Plan