We work with a diverse portfolio of companies.

We also have a particular focus on accelerating the aerospace, cyber security, health services, and trade/logistics clusters.

Clusters are geographically specific groups of interconnected companies. By clustering near each other, businesses can increase their productivity, accelerate innovation, and stimulate new business formation.  Regions with fully developed clusters have higher levels of job creation, higher wages, and higher levels of wealth creation than regions without well-integrated clusters.

Clusters are comprised of:

  1. Lead firms that export products or services outside the region.
  2. Supplier firms and partners to provide raw materials, components, parts and specialized services to the lead firms
  3. Economic foundations such as educational institutions/programs, technology infrastructure, physical infrastructure, access to capital, tax and other business climate policies, and quality of life/social capital

The EDB provides confidential consulting services, free-of-charge, to businesses seeking to establish operations, expand, or relocate within Pierce County.

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