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Our supportive business climate is showcased by programs like the family-wage jobs credits and expedited permitting. Ask us for a customized proposal that will help your firm maximize the available incentives and gain access to financing solutions.

WA State incentives imageWashington State has:

  • No personal state income tax.
  • No corporate income tax.
  • No inventory tax.

Pierce County offers:

  • 100% traffic impact fee exemption for manufacturing, corporate headquarters, and R&D centers in unincorporated areas.
  • Incentives to create new family-wage jobs in targeted jurisdictions:

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DuPont, Tacoma, Lakewood, Steilacoom, Sumner, and University Place logos

Family-wage Jobs Tax Incentives

When it comes to creating family-wage jobs, businesses do well to choose Pierce County, WA. These jurisdictions offer incentives to employers who create family-wage jobs.

Unincorporated Pierce County | City of DuPont | City of Tacoma | City of Lakewood | City of Sumner | City of University Place | Town of Steilacoom

Ask us how to tap into these programs, and whether other municipalities have added family-wage incentives to their books.

WA State Incentives

Businesses may qualify for tax incentives offered by the State of Washington. These incentives include deferrals, reduced B&O rates, exemptions, and credits.

  • State Tax Credit for Commercial Office Construction and Renovation: pending summer 2019 enactment of local legislation
  • State Machinery and Equipment (M&E) Sales/Use Tax Exemption: For machinery and equipment used directly in manufacturing or research
  • State Warehouse Tax Incentive: For new warehouse construction or expansion that is 200,000 square feet or greater
  • State B&O Tax Credit for New Employees: Variable-level credits available for new, qualifying employment in Tacoma Community Empowerment Zone
  • State Sales/Use Tax Deferral/Waiver for Corporate HQ: Available to businesses with corporate headquarters locating in an eligible Community Empowerment Zone
  • State High Employment Sales/Use Tax Deferral for Manufacturing Facilities: For manufacturers, persons conditioning vegetable seeds, research and development and commercial testing for manufacturers in a Community Empowerment Zone
  • State B&O Tax Exemption/Deduction for Food Processing/Manufacturing: Available to manufacturers of fresh produce, dairy products and seafood products

Ask us for help accessing these and other programs.

WA State Incentives

Aerospace Tax Incentives

Washington State has supported and nurtured the aerospace industry for more than a century.

  • Reduced B&O Tax Rate for Aerospace Businesses: For manufacturers of commercial airplanes or component airplanes and aerospace tooling manufacturers
  • Aerospace Industry B&O Tax Credit for Pre-production Development Expenditures: For expenditures in research, design and engineering activities related to the development of aerospace products or models by manufacturers of commercial airplanes or component parts of commercial airplanes
  • Aerospace Industry B&O Tax Credit for Property Taxes Paid: For qualifying real estate used exclusively in the manufacturing of commercial airplanes or component parts of commercial airplanes
  • Aerospace Industry Sales/Use Tax Exemption for Computer Hardware, Software & Peripherals: For manufacturers of commercial airplanes or component parts of commercial airplanes
  • Tax Exemption for Construction of Facilities Used to Manufacture Commercial Airplanes: For the construction of new facilities and new parts of facilities that will be used primarily to manufacture commercial airplanes and components

Aerospace Incentives

Opportunity Zones

Pierce County, WA Opportunity ZonesThe federal Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 created the Opportunity Zone program, which was designed to provide tax incentives to investors who fund businesses in underserved communities.

Investors are able to defer paying taxes on capital gains that are invested in  Qualified Opportunity Funds that in turn are invested in one or more of Pierce County’s 12 Opportunity Zones.

WA State OZ Info  City of Tacoma OZ  Lakewood OZ

Use our site location tool,, to search for sites and building in designated Opportunity Zones.

Ask us for a customized package to meet your needs.

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