Pierce County Major Employers Annual Report 2020 includes Major Employers and Companies to Watch

About the List

Each year, the Economic Development Board for Tacoma-Pierce County (EDB) assembles and publishes the Pierce County Major Employers List. This list sorts and ranks the data of companies who report their full-time equivalent (FTE) employment.

The goal of the Major Employers List is to showcase and celebrate Pierce County employers.

The Major Employers List is the EDB’s most requested and downloaded resource making it Pierce County’s gateway to site consultants and prospective future employers from around the globe.

Data and trends discovered through this research are shared with the community and local governments, helping us to program smarter and provide greater support to our business community.

The Major Employers List uses FTE employment data to capture both fulltime and part-time employees. Companies reported data by phone, email, online submission form, and via the EDB’s Business Retention and Expansion program.

The Major Employers List is for employers who have 100 or more FTE employees. the Companies to Watch List is for employers who have 50-99 FTE employees.

The Impact of COVID-19

The impact of COVID-19 on our employers has been obvious and widespread. The pandemic has hit thousands of small and large businesses and impacted tens of thousands of jobs.

Businesses are the backbone of our community and we have been inspired by their response to the crisis. They are tough, resilient, and innovative. Most of Pierce County’s largest employers have faced the challenges of limited demand, supply chain interruptions, and health and safety actions resulting in job cuts and furloughs.

These challenges have resulted in some notable employment changes as well as a decrease in the responsiveness of some employers to requests for information. Readers will note that this year’s list uses “most recent count available” for 52 companies that were not able to provide us with 2020 data. Generally, this data will be drawn from the previous year’s list. Fortunately, Pierce County is home to a wide range of businesses across many sectors. Most businesses made a quick pivot in response to COVID-19 and we saw very few companies drop off the list altogether.

Insights From Our Employers

An optional survey was attached to the online submission form which collected data from our employers and provided valuable insights into how our medium and large employers are reacting to the challenges of COVID-19 and addressing the need for diversity, equity, and inclusion.


Lists for Download

Full 2020 Major Employers Annual Report
Full report with all of the Major Employer List data and more exciting information about our employers and business community.

Major Employers List – Data Packet
Report with just the lists/data

Major Employers List – 100+ FTEs Only

Major Employers Ranked & Sorted by Industry

Companies to Watch List
Medium sized employers with 50-99 FTEs

About Our Methodology

• We asked companies to report their full-time equivalency (FTE), not an employee headcount.

• Companies reported in person, via phone, via email, and via online surveys.

• In cases when a company was unable to provide the FTE, we asked for a headcount and the full-time/part-time employee breakdown.

• We assumed that part-time workers average 0.5 FTE.

• When retail and food service companies reported a headcount, we assumed that half of the employee count is comprised of part-time workers and calculated those at 0.5 FTE.

• Estimated FTEs are based on industry averages where indicated by the “‡” symbol.

• We do not calculate year-to-year comparisons for companies that do not report inconsecutive years, nor for those whose figures are based on industry averages.

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