March 6, 2019 – Futures Boot Camp

Rebecca Ryan will facilitate the Futures Boot Camp, a roll-up-your-sleeves participatory workshop to help your organization understand, embrace, and influence how it matches up with the most innovative, well-run, and well-respected competitors on the planet.

At the Futures Boot Camp you will…

  • Measure your baseline: how does your organization’s approach to the future match up to the most innovative, well-run, and well-respected organizations on the planet? How can you get from where you are to where you want to be?
  • Identify and prioritize key issues in the STEEP categories (Society, Technology, Economy, Environment, Politics) that you and your organization need to prepare for, to be future-ready.
  • Identify (or re-prioritize) market opportunities, workforce strategies, and other innovations that will make you more competitive.

Why “Strategic Foresight”?

Evidence that we’re doing “planning” based on the past is all around us.  Look at your budget, your comprehensive plan, or your strategic plans.

Most of these documents are based on what’s always been done, what’s tried and true. The trouble is, you’re not going to live your life in the past. You’re going to live it in the future. So planning needs to less history-oriented and more future-oriented. Especially now, when many trends are coalescing with great force, like:

  • Most developed countries will be “old” in the next 20 years. They will have more seniors than working-age people to support them.
  • The financial markets are more linked than ever. The Great Recession in the U.S. took down Europe, causing the EU’s austerity movements and eventually “Brexit.”
  • The climate is changing faster than many scientists expected.
  • The middle class, once strong in developed countries, is weakening. And China and India’s middle classes are growing faster than ever, destabilizing the century old “balance of power” that tipped toward the “West.”

Strategic foresight offers practical tools to help identify and imagine our possible futures, so that we can be future ready.

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