Our dedicated staff achieve results.

We’re growers.
We grow our economy. Yours, too.
The one all our families count on.
The one that makes the wheels turn and the doors open and the lights shine.
We’re creators.
We create jobs with our partners, public and private, existing and undiscovered.
We’re competitors.
And on behalf of our community, we compete every day.

Physical offices

EDB Tacoma-Pierce County
950 Pacific Avenue, Suite 410
Tacoma, WA 98402

Mailing address

EDB Tacoma-Pierce County
P.O. Box 1515
Tacoma, WA 98401

Our staff’s expertise gives you or your client access to the resources needed to expand an existing business or bring a new one to Pierce County. We welcome you to contact us.

Bruce Kendall

Bruce Kendall

President & CEO

Bruce is the driving force behind the EDB. He's an impassioned liaison to the board members and broader community, enthusiastically advocating for regional economic opportunity in Tacoma-Pierce County. To schedule a meeting with Bruce, please contact Deborah Kelly.

(253) 284-5890
Jenn Adrien

Jenn Adrien

Vice President, Communications

Jenn leads the communications efforts, representing the EDB in the community, to the media, and to represented officials. She oversees the EDB's web and print presence, story development for media outlets, event coordination, guerrilla marketing campaigns, and more.

(253) 284-5888
Sarah Bonds

Sarah Bonds

Vice President, Business Recruitment

Sarah works directly with businesses and consultants to provide key information and assistance to land primary employers in incorporated and unincorporated areas of Pierce County.

(253) 284-5892
Deborah Kelly

Deborah Kelly

Director of Operations

Deborah keeps the EDB going, overseeing the complex day-to-day logistics of a lean office team. She provides top level support to Bruce Kendall, including scheduling. Contact Deborah for help routing your inquiry to the correct EDB staff person.

(253) 284-5884
Maddie Merton

Maddie Merton

Vice President, Business Retention and Expansion

Maddie manages the EDB’s relationships with existing primary businesses in order to help them grow and succeed. Contact Maddie for assistance navigating incentives, financing programs, permitting, and for referrals to workforce training partners and other resources. Maddie also staffs the EDCPC.

(253) 284-5891
Dan Trimble

Dan Trimble

VP, Business Recruitment & Real Estate Development

Dan works with EDB clients and partners in Tacoma and throughout Pierce County to recruit Class A office tenants and developers. Contact him if you have an interest in a new office location or in developing office space. Dan also staffs the EDCPC.

(253) 284-5889
Jaime Lombardini

Jaime Lombardini


Jaime handles the EDB's finances, payroll, and invoicing. She can be reached by phone on Wednesdays during normal business hours.

(253) 284-5887