Frederickson Industrial Hub Welcomes Aerospace Neighbor Mitsui-Soko (U.S.A.)

    Many years of hard work came to fruition this summer when Mitsui-Soko (U.S.A.) broke ground on its first Northwest facility in Frederickson, one of Pierce County’s industrial hubs.

    Mitsui-Soko, a company headquartered in Japan, has more than 100 years of experience in warehousing and logistics. Its Frederickson facility is specifically engineered to meet the unique and exacting requirements of the aerospace industry, featuring 200,000 square feet of both refrigerated and ambient-temperature warehouse space on 12.7 acres.

    “Mitsui-Soko (U.S.A) is a great addition to the aerospace family in Pierce County, which now numbers more than 70 firms employing thousands of our neighbors in good jobs with good benefits,” said EDB President and CEO Bruce Kendall.

    The company’s site search began in July 2013, when the EDB was asked for area information and to help identify potential sites for their project. The search quickly narrowed to the Frederickson area of Pierce County with its many appealing choices for industrial operations and the family-wage jobs they provide.

    Mitsui-Soko’s final choice was a site in Frederickson, strategically located to support just-in-time distribution services. The new facility will employ about 30 people when it opens a little over a year from now. The operation offers maximum flexibility and the secure storage of product in a precisely controlled environment.

    The Economic Development Department and the permitting team at Pierce County’s Planning and Land Services (PALS) worked conscientiously to expedite permit review and get the construction off to a smooth start. The EDB is proud to have worked with Mitsui-Soko and its general contractor, Gray Construction, as Mitsui-Soko carefully chose its next strategic location.

    “I congratulate Mitsui-Soko for their decision to invest in Pierce County,” said Pat McCarthy, Pierce County Executive. “From the very first meeting, this project was off to a great start with successful teamwork between company representatives, designers, project managers and our permitting folks.”

    Economic Development Board for Tacoma-Pierce County endorses Sound Transit Proposition 1 (ST3)

    The Economic Development Board of Tacoma-Pierce County has endorsed the package of transit improvements on this fall’s ballot known as “ST3”.

    At its meeting Sept. 15, the board of directors representing more than 90 companies and governments approved a resolution that calls for the EDB “to support the passage of Sound Transit Proposition 1 (ST3) and recommends the citizens and businesses of Pierce County strongly advocate for its passage as well as vote in favor.”

    “The gridlock we experience now, left unaddressed, does not bode well for future businesses being able to move goods to market,” said Bruce Kendall, EDB’s CEO and president, after the vote. “A reliable and robust transportation system is essential for an economy that works for everyone.”

    Here is the resolution:



    By the Board of Directors of the Economic Development Board for Tacoma-Pierce County

    Whereas, according to the Puget Sound Regional Council, Pierce County is expected to be the home of approximately 265,000 more people by 2040 – a 31 percent increase overall; including 58 percent more people in Tacoma; 62 percent more people in Lakewood; and 51 percent more people in DuPont;

    Whereas, mobility of people and products through the region is suffering now because of severe traffic congestion on key corridors such as Highway 512 to Puyallup and Interstate 5 around Joint Base Lewis-McChord and the Tacoma Dome, and that will only grow worse without more public transportation options;

    Whereas, a gridlocked transportation system will hurt the Pierce County economy by making businesses reluctant to locate, expand and grow here because they can’t reliably move goods nor have full access to a robust regional workforce;

    Whereas, the fastest growing public transit ridership in the region is Sound Transit’s “Sounder South” train service from Lakewood, in Pierce County, demonstrating demand for public transportation;

    Whereas, Sound Transit has placed Proposition 1 on the November ballot, a $53.8 billion plan also known as “ST3” that includes expanding the capacity and service of Sounder trains south to better serve Sumner, Fife, Puyallup, Tacoma, Lakewood, DuPont, and extending light rail from Sea-Tac International Airport to Tacoma and on through to Tacoma Community College;

    Whereas, the Economic Development Board for Tacoma-Pierce County believes Pierce County has much to gain from the passage of ST3 because it will make important improvements in intra-Pierce County and inter-County mobility, provide fast access to the airport, foster transit oriented development, and very likely increase the value of properties and businesses in the South Sound;

    Whereas, the EDB is a private non-profit corporation founded in 1978 with the mission of growing primary jobs for the citizens of Tacoma-Pierce County, and we believe that ST3 aligns with this mission by connecting our people to a more robust regional transportation system allowing them greater mobility and choices;

    Therefore be it resolved that the EDB supports the passage of Sound Transit Proposition 1 (ST3) and recommends the citizens and businesses of Pierce County strongly advocate for its passage as well as vote in favor.


    Passed by the EDB Board of Directors on September 16, 2016